Two Tips for Men Who Want to Have Custom Suits Made for Their Wedding

If you need a suit for your wedding and will be using the services of a tailor who makes men's custom-made suits, here are two tips to follow.

Ask your spouse-to-be about their wedding outfit

It's important to have a discussion with your spouse-to-be about their wedding outfit before you give the tailor any instructions regarding how you want the custom-made suit to look. Whilst some people prefer to keep their wedding suits or dresses a secret from their partners until the wedding, it's best to at least ask your other half for a general description of their chosen wedding outfit.

Ideally, your outfits should complement each other. If, for example, your bride-to-be tells you that she's wearing a vintage, 1950's tea-length dress, then you might want to have the tailor make a suit from a fabric that would have been commonly used during this era (such as tweed) and to design it to look like a vintage suit, rather than a modern one.

Additionally, if your partner is choosing an outfit in a specific and unusual colour (for example, if they're opting for an emerald green suit or a bright yellow wedding dress), knowing this before the tailor starts working on your suit could be useful, as they could help you to pick a suit fabric that complements or features a hint of this colour in the fabric threads.

Measure yourself regularly and keep your tailor informed of changes in your measurements

Many grooms-to-be plan to work out and eat well before the wedding so they can look great when they get married. Therefore, you should measure yourself regularly and tell your tailor about any significant changes to your measurements. For example, if you start lifting weights and find that you build muscle on your shoulders that makes this area broader, you must tell the tailor about this, as they may need to re-make and carry out substantial alterations to your existing suit jacket so it can accommodate your newly widened shoulder area.

You should also keep in mind that if you want to gain muscle or lose weight before the wedding, you may need to have more fittings than someone whose measurements remained stable throughout the suit-making process. As such, you'll need to find a way to squeeze these extra fittings into your schedule during this period to ensure the suit is a perfect fit on your wedding day.

For more information, contact a service that provides men's custom-made suits.