Luggage Buying | 3 Tricks To Get The Most Value From Your Suitcase Online Purchase

Buying suitcases can be perplexing in any situation, but it is a lot harder when you choose to buy luggage online instead of from a store. But buying online comes with a host of benefits in terms of pricing and value that you simply may not get from a physical outlet, which is why virtual shopping centres, such as Sweeney Luggage Centre, have soared in popularity. This guide is designed to help you get the most value from your suitcase purchase when you decide to buy luggage online.

Check Weight and Size Based on Specifications

Size and weight restrictions are part of travelling via air these days, so you'll want to be sure of the specifications offered online before making your purchase. Typically, most airlines indicate that suitcases should not surpass a 140cm total linear dimension. The weight is expected to be anywhere between 15kg to 32kg, depending on the destination. You will naturally want to choose a lighter suitcase so that you can add more personal belongings, but heavier suitcases will reduce your ability to pack all your items and stay within the weight limit. Keep in mind that if your suitcase exceeds the maximum limit, you will need to pay an additional luggage fee, so checking weight and size prudently before buying suitcases online will save you a ton of money. 

Choose Two or Four Wheelers Depending On Your Preferences

Most modern suitcases come with two or four wheels, so you will need to buy luggage online based on your preferences. Two wheeler suitcases are ideal when you want to perch another bag over it for dragging along in the airport or railway station, while being easy to operate at fixed angles. They are also a better choice if you're worried about weight because they tend to be lighter than their four-wheeled counterparts. On the other hand, four wheeler suitcases are perfect when you're walking long distances because they can be wheeled with minimal effort. Choosing the number of wheels will depend entirely on your specific preferences and travel needs.

Determine Whether Hard or Soft Covers Meet Your Needs

Hard or soft covers again will depend on what you plan on carrying while travelling. For example, if you are travelling with several fragile items in your suitcase, then a hard cover is certainly a better option. If your luggage primarily consists of clothes and other non-breakable items, then soft-case covers are great choices for suitcases. Keep in mind that softer luggage may not be as easy to clean as hard suitcases, but they tend to be lighter than hard cases –– making them a highly popular choice with travellers.

Use this guide to help you with your suitcase purchase when you decide to buy luggage online.