Dance Belts: Why Your Son Needs One

Many parents who never attended any dance classes may not know how important it is for their sons to have specialized dancewear like a dance belt when they attend ballet classes. This article discusses some reasons why buying your son a dance belt for performance will be in his best interests:

Protection of the Private Parts from Injury

A dance belt is a supportive undergarment that has a thong at the back. It is designed for people who engage in sports or activities like ballet dance. The dance belt provides support for the genitalia so that as one executes the different dance movements there is no friction to cause discomfort in the private parts. For instance, one is often required to jump, open and close the legs. Such movements can expose the genitals to harm so the dance belt "lifts" the genitals out of the way.

Making the Privates Invisible

Male ballet dancers wear tights in order to show off their muscled bodies during the dance movements. Most tights are almost see-through and that can leave the dancer feeling exposed to fellow dancers and the audience.

A dance belt resolves this problem by providing additional "cover" for the private parts so that the dancer is free to concentrate on his dance moves without being self-conscious about the visibility of his "family jewels".

Preventing Garments from Bunching Up at the Back

As already mentioned, tights are the standard attire for male dancers. If one wore ordinary underwear like boxers then that underwear would most likely bunch up on his buttocks due to the tights pulling it progressively into one spot as the dancer performs. That bunching up can look unsightly and break the perfect symmetry of the physique being shown off.

A dance belt becomes necessary to prevent that from happening. The thong at the back limits how much fabric is in that area. The dancer's rear will therefore have no fabrics bunching up as he dances.

As you can see from the discussion above, it is very important to buy a dance belt for your son as soon as he begins attending ballet classes. Seek for advice from the dance instructor so that you get a properly fitting dance belt. Your son will also need guidance on how to wear the dance belt properly for comfort so that it does not deter him from enjoying the classes and improving his dance skills.