4 reasons it’s better to buy a suit than rent one for your wedidng

While renting a suit is a rite of passage for most men for their school formal, your wedding is time to step things up a little in the sartorial stakes and buy a suit. Here are 4 good reasons to buy your suit rather than renting it.

It will look better

A brand new suit will fit better and you won't need to wonder if underarm pilling or worn material in the thighs will be obvious in your wedding photos from the suit's previous wears if it's been in rotation for a while! Hire suits tend to be made of hard-wearing fabric like polyester blends, which often don't look as a good as a natural fibre blend, and are nowhere near as comfortable to wear. A nice fabric can be an advantage on a day when you are bound to be hugging many relatives from both sides of the family.

It will fit better

While suit hire companies with measure you and make alterations to their hire suits, buying a custom suit means that your suit is cut to fit your body. Bespoke suits fit better and drape better than suits that are simply adjusted on the major seams. Many times, by the time you pick up a hired suit, even if you need additional alterations, there simply will not be time to have these subsequent alterations carried out.

You'll have it on hand for future events

There are many situations in life where wearing a suit sends a message that you are taking the event seriously, including job interviews and funerals. If you get a message to suddenly attend a relative's funeral, you will make a much stronger impression on everyone you meet, and you will look appropriate and respectful. Having a suit on hand means you are prepared at a moment's notice to turn up to formal events and make a good impression.

You'll have a greater range of styles and colours

As hire suits are bought with the plan to appeal to as many people as possible, they tend to be in conservative styles and colours. If you or your fiancé prefer the idea of the groom's party in a more modern, slim-line suit style, it may be easier to get the suits made to measure.

Getting a bespoke suit ensures you will have an attractive and well-fitting suit for one of the most important days of your life, and it will make you look your best in the all important wedding photos. Find a business like Adriano Carbone master tailor in your area to learn more about getting a custom-made suit.